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Getting Started : Web Design Process?

Want a website? Curious to know how we work? Here are some basic info :

  1. What are your needs?
    Contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will take time to understand your requirements, answer your questions and explain how we can help your business.

  2. Fixed-price quote
    Once we have all the information regarding your web project, we will send you a no-obligation quote with details of the work required. (All quotes are valid for 30 days).

  3. Contract signed
    If you agree with the quotation that we sent you, we require that our terms and agreement form signed and faxed back at this time and deposit payment will be made.

  4. Detailed discussions
    We will carefully analyze your requirements and confirm these via on-site meetings, email and telephone as necessary.

  5. Collecting Materials
    You will provide us with detailed information on your company, the services you offer and the products you sell, preferably in softcopy for the web site. Word files, brochures, pamphlets, products, pictures... we need it ALL to get your site going. The more you provide us with the better. We can provide royalty-free images if required.

  6. Site Architecture/ Site Map
    Navigation is one of the most important parts of your site. It determines the whole flow of your website. Site architecture is established at this point to insure your visitors don't get lost on your site. We use text links, graphic menus and buttons with rollovers to accomplish this.

  7. Mockup Sites and Sample Layouts
    We put together a mock website for your company to critique and discuss based on the site architecture. At this point we're trying to narrow down exactly what you're looking for in terms of design and layout. At this stage any element of the design can be changed. Your full input is encouraged throughout this process where you may request for alterations.

  8. Final Draft / Establishing Look & Feel
    Based on your feedback from the mockup site(s), we work to produce a final draft which will form the basis for the rest of the site. Once the look and feel is confirmed, no more design alterations are permitted after this stage.

  9. Final Version
    Starting with your home page, the main page, we start building your web site. After this part is completed and approved, we move on. We will complete the web site, ensuring it fulfills the requirements established in the design stage. You may request any last minute changes before approving the site for publishing.

  10. Site goes "Live"
    Your web site is published online, making it available for the world to see! You can now start advertising your site, telling friends, business acquaintances and publish print material. Final payment is now due.

  11. Search Engine Submission
    We will submit your web site URL and keywords to famous search engines to gain excellent search engine placement for your site. This process will take several weeks and we will be in regular contact to ensure your web site is performing as intended. (Submissions require website to be up and running).

  12. Complete Documentation
    Bitbox Network provides a complete documentation and we will compile all files used during development in a CD for you upon project completion.